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Someone Makes a Nest For Me Today

Filed in Stories :: March 28, 2012

Today’s Nest-Making guest post in honor of women and Women’s History Month is by Megan Matthieson.  I am grateful to be able to share this story of her acceptance of an offered nest.
























I have to go have a biopsy on my breast.  The Dr tells me it’s probably nothing.  But.  The day changes tone.  The color of the sky goes from blue to lavender.  The importance of life swells like the orchestra at the mere suggestion of an end.

When I leave the office I think about calling my lover, and then I think about not calling her.  For all the ways I don’t want to worry her and all the ways I don’t want to feel her worry.

I decide to call.  I need a nest to rest in for a minute.

She is there in ways that others have not been able to be.  And yes, I can tell she is worried.  I let her have that.  When she offers to come with me for the procedure, I waffle.

I’ve been flying solo for so long.  Suddenly aware of my inability to relax and take in love, I accept.  I want to grow.  “But please don’t cancel anything in order to be there.”

The nest has already been built by her loving hands and she only waits for me to land.  To rest for a bit.

In this day, one of a million more to come, or only a few, I will take residence in the warmth of her.  I will lay down my strong will and vigilance about taking care of myself, and let this love all the way in.

I want to feel this in every day that I am blessed to be here.


Megan is a dancer, writer, and videographer.  You can find her at and follow her on twitter, @meganmatthieson!


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