Angela Kelsey

Tell the Story


Filed in Memoir, Stories, voices, Writing :: December 17, 2011

My friend bought this notebook for me on her recent trip to Florence.

Ten years ago, we were there together, with our then-husbands and other friends.

I’ve written memoir and fiction about that trip, but the story still resists and begs for a best way to be told.

Maybe a ricetta:
Start with six friends.
Stir in one red Ferragamo purse, Michelangelo’s David, dinner at Cibreo, a visit to the Uffizi, and a rabbit.
Store them overnight in convent rooms.
The next day, place the mixture in a van and whirl in traffic roundabouts escorted by polizia.
Using white-coated men, remove from van and allow to rest for an afternoon.  Season to taste with pharmaceuticals.
Return to van and proceed to Venice.

Thanks, LM, for the memories and the blank pages.