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Sister Wives

Filed in Jack :: September 10, 2014

Well, not the wives part.

We are sisters and we’re also more different than alike. But Debbie’s husband, Jack, was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in July, and the differences became details.

Jack took this selfie before a surgery a couple of weeks ago.

2014-08-29 13.36.40

After Jack’s diagnosis, we traveled to Boston where we ate lobster rolls and laughed over failed knitting cast-ons in between interviews with surgeons.

After we received disappointing news post-surgery, both of Debbie and Jack’s  21- and 23-year-old daughters joined us in Boston, and while Jack was in the hospital, I broke my sacred rule against sharing hotel rooms with more than one very select person. We two sets of sisters slept in two beds after we laughed and cried, sharing not only a bathroom but also a round of tequila shots.

The road ahead is a long, uncertain one, and my family is walking it together.

We are praying for a miracle, and simultaneously know we’re witnessing one miracle after another right now.

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