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An Apple A Day

Filed in Food and Drink, Inspiration, Writing :: April 3, 2013

Tonight’s Miami Shores workshop was the first night of a month of writing based on food. I found a list of prompts about apples at The Tasty Buzz. I found beautiful organic Gala apples in my refrigerator. We wrote about our sensory reactions to the apples and the stories that they evoked. I read to […]

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From the Fridge

Filed in Body Image, Food and Drink, Perception :: April 2, 2013

I’ve thought about food a lot for as long as I can remember, in ways sometimes more, and sometimes less, healthy and sane. This month in my Wednesday night workshops, “food” will be our theme. I’ve been appreciating a blog lately called Fit, Feminist, and (almost) Fifty, (I share all three of those traits with […]

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Complicated is a good thing.

Filed in Inspiration, Stories, Women :: April 1, 2013

Women say, I’ve said, maybe you’ve said, that relationships between and among women are complicated. This past Saturday afternoon was the closing of  Jeanne and Nancy’s museum exhibit. Here they are looking at Jeanne’s cloth together. I honored Jeanne, who honored Nancy. It was complicated. And we listened to other women read their essays, and […]

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Filed in Film, Speak out, Stories :: February 17, 2013

First, my television confession:  Nip/Tuck, an FX show which ran from 2003-2010, streamed from Netflix, is perfect for a rainy hour on the couch or the treadmill. It explores, sometimes clumsily and sometimes gracefully, the contradictions between internal and external reality. The two main characters are fictional Miami plastic surgeons Sean McNamara and Christian Troy. McNamara, pretty-much-ethical-family-man-barely-keeping-his-life-together, is […]

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Scar Clan, Ctd

Filed in Inspiration, Speak out, Stories, tell, Writing :: February 15, 2013

I’m reading Women Who Run With the Wolves very slowly. Meanwhile, I’m asking myself how my memoir stands up as a story, not only my story. I ask myself,  Does it have the necessary ingredients for the heroine’s journey? Have I written a main character who faces obstacles and, as a result, changes just as much as […]

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