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Life is Long

I repeat the mantra “lifeisshort lifeisshort lifeisshort.” Sometimes I add “getbusy hurryup domore lifeisshort ticktock.” I check an online calculator again—254 days until my 50th birthday. Lifeisshort, I chant as I rush from my office to the Women of Tomorrow event before heading back to the office again. I talk with a group of high […]

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Filed in Current Affairs, Speak out, Spirituality, Stories, Women :: May 5, 2013

Things get weird pretty quickly when your search term on a stock photo site is “feminist.” Women with ropes, women with boxing gloves, women with their stiletto’d feet on the throats of men. Try it and see. Here’s a strange one. What does it mean? To me the word has meant something simple and basic: […]

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Filed in Current Affairs, Seeing, Speak out, Stories, tell, Uncertainty :: April 16, 2013

Where does one begin to write about what happened in Boston yesterday? Should I even try? Maybe it’s better to stay silent. This morning I read this post by Caitlin at Fit and Feminist and this one by Susan Orlean at the New Yorker. Yes, of course. I know this. The only way for me to […]

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