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No News is Good News

Filed in Current Affairs :: January 22, 2015

My name is Angela and I am a newsaholic, in particular a politicsaholic. A political junkie. A consumer of political stories. Primarily via radio and the internet. As of today, I’m halfway through taking a week off from satellite radio on my daily commute, and this has also been a week of unusual “extra” driving […]

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A Pinch of Salt

Filed in Speak out :: January 13, 2015

When Mr. Z. and I were in Paris last month, our hosts, the Scotts, took us to one of their favorite restaurants, Chez Denise. Even though my own lunch was delicious and satisfying, I openly coveted the os á moelle that the French couple next to us ordered.  My companions, veterans of French food and committed to their […]

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No Dog is An Island

Filed in Dog things :: November 6, 2014

This dog lives on an island in Texas, and every day she swims across about 100 yards of lake to get to the road, where people, including my friend Bud, leave food for her. It’s getting cold, but yesterday her swim was rewarded with a bacon cheeseburger. What is the story behind her story?

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Pet and Women Safety Act

Filed in Domestic Violence :: October 8, 2014

When you live with an abusive partner, it’s hard to imagine leaving your pets with him if you move out, even temporarily. Congresswomen Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) and Katherine M. Clark (D-MA) have cosponsored The Pet and Women Safety Act. Here’s Ros-Lehtinin with her office dog, Maya.

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Talk, talk

Filed in Domestic Violence :: September 23, 2014

The Ray Rice “story” and (thanks in part to the NFL’s clumsy, clueless handling of its role) the media’s continued coverage of it is strange in a “wow” kind of way: people are talking about a sometimes taboo subject that I raise whenever I can. Sometimes talk is only gossip, or herd mentality, or meaningless Facebook likes and […]

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Dear Janay Palmer Rice

Filed in Domestic Violence :: September 11, 2014

Dear Janay Palmer Rice, I’m not an NFL wife, but from 1999-2007, I was abused by my husband, a charismatic man with a lot of friends who bordered on fans. Today is the seventh anniversary of my divorce. I totally understand that the last thing you want right now is to be the centerpiece of […]

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Sister Wives

Filed in Jack :: September 10, 2014

Well, not the wives part. We are sisters and we’re also more different than alike. But Debbie’s husband, Jack, was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in July, and the differences became details. Jack took this selfie before a surgery a couple of weeks ago. After Jack’s diagnosis, we traveled to Boston where we ate lobster […]

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Hello, It’s me.

Filed in The Pack ::

You know how it is when the longer you’re out of touch with someone, the more difficult it becomes to know where to begin? I’d like to say that I’ve spent the past seven or eight months so immersed in editing my book that I haven’t had another word to write here, but that’s not […]

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College Brides Walk

Filed in Domestic Violence :: February 16, 2014

On Valentine’s Day, I walked in the College Brides Walk to raise awareness about domestic and dating violence and to commemorate the life and death of Gladys Ricart, who was murdered on her wedding day by an ex-boyfriend. That’s me dressed in white in the middle of the picture (Mr. Z said he didn’t know I […]

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How do you know?

Filed in In Real Life ::

You probably know the story: Dylan Farrow’s open letter to Woody Allen. Woody Allen’s op-ed response. When I read Dylan Farrow’s letter, I was sure that she was telling the truth. I’ve heard enough victims of child sexual abuse write about the pain of their experience and the aftermath on IRL that I am familiar with survivors’ shame, reticence, and […]

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