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College Brides Walk

Filed in Domestic Violence :: February 16, 2014

On Valentine’s Day, I walked in the College Brides Walk to raise awareness about domestic and dating violence and to commemorate the life and death of Gladys Ricart, who was murdered on her wedding day by an ex-boyfriend. That’s me dressed in white in the middle of the picture (Mr. Z said he didn’t know I […]

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How do you know?

Filed in In Real Life ::

You probably know the story: Dylan Farrow’s open letter to Woody Allen. Woody Allen’s op-ed response. When I read Dylan Farrow’s letter, I was sure that she was telling the truth. I’ve heard enough victims of child sexual abuse write about the pain of their experience and the aftermath on IRL that I am familiar with survivors’ shame, reticence, and […]

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Life is Long

Filed in 50/50 :: February 5, 2014

I repeat the mantra “lifeisshort lifeisshort lifeisshort.” Sometimes I add “getbusy hurryup domore lifeisshort ticktock.” I check an online calculator again—254 days until my 50th birthday. Lifeisshort, I chant as I rush from my office to the Women of Tomorrow event before heading back to the office again. I talk with a group of high […]

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New Year’s Leaving

Filed in Domestic Violence :: January 1, 2014

  I know two women who left their abusive husbands over this New Years mid-week holiday. As soon as the new apartments were ready, while the men were at work, with careful planning and the help of  friends and family, they shed possessions and made a break for it. The moment of leaving an abusive […]

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Hello Sadie, Goodbye 2013

Filed in Sadie :: December 31, 2013

On September 22, two years after Gracie’s death and one month since Max’s death, Mr. Z and I went to my sister’s pasture to bury Max’s ashes next to Gracie’s grave. We had also agreed to meet the lovely and tireless Kelly Lecain of Pets in Distress and a dog who needed a home. “It’s […]

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It’s Been a Week

Filed in Max :: August 27, 2013

On August 20, 2013, Sophie’s Maximillian, my sweet friend  through all the twists and turns of the past eleven-plus years, left this realm. I hope that wherever he is now, he finds kitchen counters just high enough to present a challenge, and just low enough to give up their treasures–cakes, pizzas, bags of sugar, rotisserie […]

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Filed in Stories :: May 5, 2013

Things get weird pretty quickly when your search term on a stock photo site is “feminist.” Women with ropes, women with boxing gloves, women with their stiletto’d feet on the throats of men. Try it and see. Here’s a strange one. What does it mean? To me the word has meant something simple and basic: […]

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He Won’t Change, Rihanna

Filed in Dating Violence, Domestic Violence :: May 1, 2013

Many years ago, I waited outside my home while the police searched for my then-husband, who was threatening to kill me and himself.                     A young policeman leaned into my car window and said, “Ma’am, get out while you can. These guys never change.” I didn’t […]

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